Microsoft Edge for Mac easy installation 2023

Microsoft Edge for Mac easy installation

Microsoft Edge for Mac. By default, all Macs include Apple’s Safari browser, which is undoubtedly the favorite of many macOS users. However, on certain occasions, you may prefer to opt for a different browser, and in this case Microsoft Edge can be a very good option.

It is a simple and clear browser, which is based on Chromium technology and is compatible with a large number of devices, offering synchronization in the case of having a Microsoft account.

That is why, if you have it on other devices, or if for any reason you would like to try it. We are going to show you the steps you must follow on your computer to be able to download. And install the latest version of Microsoft Edge on macOS.

So you can download step by step

As we mentioned, although it is true that in many cases with Safari you will have more than enough. It does not hurt to have another alternative browser like Microsoft Edge. To start, you will have to go to the Microsoft Edge download web page, where you will find the different download links for some operating systems. You will need to choose the “Download for macOS” button to get started.

Microsoft Edge for Mac easy installation 2023

Once this is done, a small wizard will appear asking you some basic questions. To begin with, it will ask you to choose between the version for computers with an Intel processor and the version for computers with Apple’s own chips. You can see this in the «About this Mac» section that you will find in the top bar, accessing the Apple logo.

You will then need to accept Microsoft’s license terms and conditions. And within a few moments, the Microsoft Edge for Mac installer will begin downloading. The download in question is just over 150 MB, so it should be done on most connections pretty fast.

Install Microsoft Edge on Mac

Once the download is done, in a matter of seconds you will be able to open the Microsoft Edge installer. By doing so, you will be able to see how it guides you throughout the process, although by default it chooses the best settings.

Microsoft Edge for Mac easy installation uno 2023

When everything is ready, it is possible that the installation program itself will ask you for your computer’s administrator password, as Apple needs it to be able to allow the installation of software from outside the App Store.

Once this step is complete, you will be able to see the Microsoft Edge settings page open. Here you can easily log in with your Microsoft account in the event that you have one to synchronize your browser settings. or you can select some of the basic settings proposed as you wish for the web browser.

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